Hard Early Days

It is hard to believe that we have been on the homestead for three weeks. It has been a mad rush all the way. I will try to pull together a decent post in the near future with some pictures. My break is over now, so ……

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4 Responses to Hard Early Days

  1. muddome says:

    I hate to break it to ya….It aint just the early days that can be hard.
    Congrats on finally being at your new place.

    • Hi Shane,
      Aw crap! I was hoping that by week four, I would be sitting on the back porch sipping moonshine and playing the banjo. Screw this hard work stuff, I am going back to the city.

      Well, maybe I’ll give it another week.

  2. Keith Tall says:

    Hi Mark,   Nice to hear from you. Repeat after me. Hard work and deprivation makes for a stronger, healthier man. There don’t you feel better. This has to be the biggest adventure and challenge of you life.   Interesting how we are moving in opposite directions. We are in a city now albeit looking to move into a .8 acre place. It has city water, no well for me again thank you. We are ready to make an offer on a 4000 sq. ft. house overlooking a lake. If you can get on Zillow the address is 1616 NW 79th circle Vancouver Wa. A mile or so from interstate 5 – Lots of pictures etc. If we get it, it will probably will be our last home that we voluntarily enter. Now that I have my green card. The man at the US border said welcome home. Take care Love to all Keith            

    • Hi Keith,
      Thanks for the advise, I do feel better, or at least as good as I have ever felt while being this tired, sore, bruised and cut up. Your new place sounds real nice, I will see if E can find the listing, she is much better at that sort of thing. Congrats on the green card, I know it was important to your plans for the future. Stay tuned for more stuff from the homestead.
      All the best,

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