Today we are Homesteaders!

Just having a last cup of coffee in a dwelling with grid power. This morning it was cold when I got out of bed, so I just turned up the thermostat. It will be the last time I have access to that kind of convenience for a long time. I have no problem leaving behind the life on the grid. I think E will be happier about it when we get our own services up to a comfortable standard. Riley does not care as long as he can be with his people, have a good kibble supply, go for truck rides and have access to some kind of heat source. He is even more stressed about this last move than E, he has been shadowing my every move to make sure he doesn’t get left behind. Today feels like an important line to be crossed, even though about half of our possessions will remain at the rental for another few weeks. The homestead as it exists today consists of a ramshackle old workshop that is not so much standing, as falling down in extreme slow motion, three other small sheds under palliative care, a large tent on a platform and a mostly finished outhouse. Power facilities are minimal and water supply is next to non-existent. Things can only get better.

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8 Responses to Today we are Homesteaders!

  1. smjohnson50 says:

    Good luck on the move. Now the fun begins.

  2. jj says:

    Good Luck! At least there’s a couple of days of good weather coming…

    • Thanks JJ, it is starting to look better. If it drys up just a little more, we can get the trailer out and finish moving our stuff, and maybe even more important we can start trucking in water. Right now I have to carry all of our water supply in from the road in 1gal jugs.

  3. Marcela says:

    I am more in awe of you folks with every word I read here! And addicted, I can’t stop reading! This will be my second night wide awake with your trials and triumphs!

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