Good Omen or Practical Joke?

This morning the sight out my window does not look quite right six days short of May. The snow is back and spring appears to have been cancelled. The forecast calls for a big improvement just before we move out to the homestead. Good omen or practical joke? April 25
Today is a day of packing and moving stuff out to the storefront. These are boring tasks that we have had a lot of practice at lately. This move from British Columbia to the homestead has been a record breaker in every category. The distance, over 2000 kilometers. The amount of stuff to be moved was unprecedented. The truck and trailer made 5 very overloaded trips.Exodus The move required staging from Langley to Tisdale, from Tisdale to Hudson Bay, and now from Hudson Bay to the homestead. The cost topped 7k which is a lot for frugal people like us.
A number of people asked us if it would not have been better to downsize more before the move, even if that meant re-aquiring certain items on this end. First, we did downsize and I mean radically. It would be fair to say that between us we divested at least half of what we owned in terms or weight and bulk. We might have been willing to cut even deeper if we were moving from a rural area to an urban area. Typically prices are lower and selection is better in an urban area. We tried to evaluate each item according to how useful or personally valuable it was and how the economics of moving or disposing worked out. It will be some years before we can make a final accounting of the choices we made.
Our days of living out of our matched 100 piece luggage set (Rubbermaid tubs) are far from over. Even after we finish moving everything on to the homestead, there will be years of shuffling around as work, living and storage spaces are added and improved.
It has been fairly said that minimalism is a great tool in the pursuit of economy, independence and security. As true as that is, the self sufficient homesteader has to balance minimalism with function and comfort. If you are moving from one furnished apartment to another, you can travel light. If you are moving to a piece of bush that has virtually no “improvements”, it seems to demand a fairly large collection of objects.

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10 Responses to Good Omen or Practical Joke?

  1. jj says:

    I have noticed that the more self-sufficient you want to be, the more ‘stuff’ you need to make it happen. Gardening tools, scythes, canning supplies (those jars take up a LOT of space!), sewing stuff…you name it, it all needs tools. This is not really a lifestyle for minimalists!

    • Hi JJ,
      With the forecast flipped on its head again, we are spending the day packing and cursing at the new snow falling outside our window. Yes, we have lots of stuff, we just hope that its the “right stuff”.

  2. jj says:

    PS – I sure hope the weather turns in our favor soon. I have a couple hundred bulbs to plant sitting on my kitchen table, and a frozen flower bed…

    • If spring never comes, are the bulbs edible?

      • jj says:

        lol, I’m not sure. It’s mostly glads to fill up veggie beds that we’re not going to use this year, but don’t want to have going back to grass. I think they’ll survive for a while in the basement or cold room…

  3. Sherry Beebe says:

    Looks like a lot of progress! Sure hope the weather turns for the good for you guys.

  4. Marcela says:

    anything that happens on April 25th is a good omen… in my world 🙂

  5. Of course! It was the 25th of April in 1648 when the patent was granted for the thimble……no wait, that little voice in my head says that day means something else to you. Can you give a hint?

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