The Late Late Snow

With only 12 days to go until we give up the winter rental, the last thing we need is bad weather that will hamper our preparations. So naturally we get 10 or 15 cm of new snow. We will manage, but it is frustrating that the year we are committed to go camping with all of our worldly goods in tow, is the year that Saskatchewan decides to have a freakishly late spring.003

The hardest thing right now is mustering the patience to move forward without stress. Twenty five years in the landscaping business taught me that flowing with the conditions will always get you further than trying to batter down nature with sheer bloody mindedness. So in the next 12 days we will get ourselves moved out to the homestead, establish whatever level of function and comfort that we can manage and take advantage of the conditions as they improve.

This morning we had a big breakfast of garlic sausage and eggs. We are considering making this a traditional breakfast for every Easter Blizzard.

I put a call in to the only storage company in town and found that they still had no space to rent. That means just like last fall when we moved here from the west coast, the closest storage would be over 100km away. Once we are living on site, the main requirement we have for storage is simple protection from the elements. I have started scheming about ways to rig up temporary outdoor storage for the items that require only minimal protection. The local lumberyard has been providing shipping pallets and I have been hoarding tarps for the last couple of years.

The forecast for the next 12 days is a mixed bag that includes more snow and rain, but there is also enough warmth and sun predicted that we should be able to accomplish the essentials. In a curious way, I am glad that the winter rental has already been leased to someone else for the first of the month. It eliminates any agonizing over decisions that would take us sideways. Lacking options, this kamikaze prairie schooner is plunging straight ahead.

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8 Responses to The Late Late Snow

  1. Keith says:

    Sorry about the bad weather. Many of the tenants I’ve had in the past would have made me evict them under the circumstances. That takes 2 months. Do you have a tent? A propane heater properly vented might work in a tent for a few weeks if necessary. The weather her is 80 today. Just wanted to make you feel good.
    Still no green card.


    • Hi Keith, It will be a bit of a challenge, but we are keen to finally be on the land properly. We have a large tent on a platform and a propane heater, but E seems to favor having the cots in the workshop next to the woodstove until the first small building is ready. With any luck that should happen within a week of moving out there. Good to hear about your warm weather, I understand that you illegal immigrants are well adapted warm climates. E says “Hi Juan!” and Riley still wants to come live with you.

  2. jj says:

    It’s almost like the Murphy’s Law of weather, isn’t it? We’ve been hoping for a warm early spring so we could get the garden in before I get too pregnant to bend and plant, but it’s not looking good. I’m wondering if I started the tomatoes too early…Hope the weather turns for the better soon (but we can’t count on that, of course…)

  3. Hi JJ,
    I heard that you folks got at least as much as us. Sorry to hear that the mummy tummy will be hampering your garden efforts this spring. But just think, in a few years you will have a couple little helpers:) The forecast is looking better (I know this cause I check it every hour) so we should all be getting more done soon.

  4. Keith Tall says:

    Hi Mark, I can’t believe this weather either. I guess thinking of this as camping with a big tent might work.  Hotdogs on sticks over a fire anyone. It looks like May should be great according to the predictions. Keep your chin up.   Keith

  5. Hi Keith, We were a bit worried about getting the move pulled off before the end of the month, but our landlords are very kindly allowing us to keep a few things in the storefront for a few days. This was a big help because there is no way that the trailer can be brought off the land until things dry up a bit.

  6. Keith says:

    Hi Mark,
    Just wondering how things are going. We think of you often and wonder how the project is coming along. It’s a path less trodden as the poet says. “Two paths merged in the woods and I took the one less trodden”.

    We have moved the last of the stuff from the small storage area that you helped me with – seems like a long time ago. Our address now is 1616 NW 79th circle Vancouver WA 98665, I am only now able to remember it. Our phone number should you ever need it is 360 433 2359.

    I have purchased a golf cart. We have just under a acre but the driveway is pretty steep and long leading to the back of the house. We have to take the recycle and garbage down to the road every week as well as get the mail down there daily. I have created a circle path mostly bark mulch around the perimeter of the property and I use the golf cart to pull that green wagon (from the old place) around the path for cuttings and such. These are my justifications for the purchase of the golf cart and so far Marilyn is buying it.
    There are a lot of Adventist churches in the area. This morning we will go to a different one to get the feel of the congregation. Laura will be moving her family up here next July so we will probably go to whatever church she chooses so we can be together for lunches and watch the kids in their activities.
    I’m rambling on. Hi to Elaine and Riley.
    Take care all of yourself and let me know what your doing from time to time.


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