A Throne Fit for the Leader of an Anarchist Collective.

When I read -25 on the thermometer this morning I groaned a little. The forecast promises that this will be the last cold day. That would be good because I need to work outside now, often without gloves. The metal roofing for the first building has arrived, so now I just need warmer weather and for the snowfall that is coming to be on the light side. 001 (800x600)
I love heating with wood, it is cost effective, carbon neutral and clearing the deadfall and dead standing will reduce the dry season fire risk. Locals tell me that two major fires have swept through this property in the last sixty years. There is a lot of room to improve efficiency. The methods and gear we are using to gather, cut, split and store firewood are still largely improvised. The supply shown here represents about one full day of work. With the cold winter and the poorly insulated old workshop, this supply will be gone in less than a week. I would like to see that ratio improved quite a bit.
003 (800x600)The Outhouse/ Generator shack is coming along slowly due to the weather, but the design is shaping up nicely. The single pitch roof will have a minimal overhang off the back, an 18” overhang over the front to shelter the doorways. The overhangs on the ends will be 16” allowing shelter for a stack of firewood. The doorway to the outhouse side will be as small as possible to reduce heat loss and maximize storage. The door will feature the traditional crescent moon window with a glass pane between the inner and outer surfaces. The main window is an RV unit with screen and slider that was purchased for another project and has been in storage for 12 years. I say this to validate all the other pack rats, scroungers and hoarders out there. The window is positioned to give a good view and extra ventilation when one is seated. The interior will be insulated with an inch and a half of Styrofoam of which about half will be recycled. I switched over to Styrofoam insulation midway in this project when I realised that the framing lent itself to an inch and a half thick wall rather than the more traditional three and a half inch wall. It saved weight and materiel without compromising strength, and added four inches to the length and width of the interior space.
On the generator shack side the paneling will be the same OSB paneling as the exterior. On the outhouse side a touch of luxury will be added by lining the interior with 4” wide t&g cedar planking that once graced the interior of a sauna on the west coast. I have experimented with refinishing these pieces, and have found that a light sanding followed by a good rub with teak oil gives a warm rustic luxury.
There are a lot of details that are still being worked out, relating to wiring, ventilation, lighting, heating and storage. It will keep mind occupied in the coming weeks, and then on to the cook shack!

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2 Responses to A Throne Fit for the Leader of an Anarchist Collective.

  1. josiahkalia says:

    -25!?! still in march?! Is that normal for your area or is it just this crazy year? ~J

    • Hi J,
      This kind of cold is not unheard of around here in March, but the locals seem to agree that the spring is a bit late this year. And we are not done yet, it was warm today 4c, and it should be above freezing tomorrow, but then we go back into the deep freeze for a few days. Over the weekend we will probably see -23 or colder. I can really see the polar vortex at work in our weather patterns over the last few months. I was looking at the photos of your beer posted on your blog, made me thirsty.

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