The Outhouse Rollout

037 (800x533)
Yesterday we started outside assembly of the first new and permanent structure on the homestead. The outhouse/ generator shack was pre-fabricated inside the old workshop, but would be too tall to assemble completely. I can’t deny the appeal of the more natural building methods. Using the materials present on the land would be the best. Earth bag, cob, hay bale, stone or log structures would be preferred, but the reality is that I have limited time and money to get us established on the land before the winter of 2014. So very conventional building methods are the order of the day for now. I have enough experience building and doing renovations that the learning curve for this years projects will be manageable (I hope).
Today I will continue on this small building. It is warm (about 0c ) and windy, but the wind is probably only an issue when I get to the point of sheeting in the roof. Looking at it this morning, I am thinking about changing the way I will do the studs in the back wall. It drives people around me crazy when I make changes on the fly, but I can’t feel to attached to a scribble on a piece of paper, when I see a chance to make an improvement. Building is a visual process, and the goal is always to make the thing stronger, lighter and have better function. There is not much point in my spending a lot on blueprints, cause I wouldn’t follow them anyway.

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5 Responses to The Outhouse Rollout

  1. Humpy Creek says:

    Must feel great to be getting the first permanent structure in place – that’s a big milestone when starting from scratch.

  2. Not sure if it was the good weather yesterday, or the pleasant buzz you get from tangible progress, but I was in such a good mood that I spent an hour correcting a quarter inch flaw in a wall without grumbling. Having something of your own to take pride in makes all the difference.

  3. ~MyLa says:

    blueprints-schmooprints… best laid plans of mice and men and all that… rebelrebel the heck outta that stuff!

  4. What do you think Marcela, an outhouse shaped like a lighthouse?

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