Hey Warhol, Where’s my 15 minites?

Cool Dude
I want my 15 minutes of fame and I’ll dance like a monkey to get it. I would like to tell my story, and if someone wanted to put me on TV, I would bite their arm off…. Or maybe not.

Today I saw something you hardly ever see, another blogger was offered the chance to have their homestead put on TV. I felt a little pang of pain as I imagined yet another cutesy local news story about how “quaint” the non conformists in our midst are. I was amazed to see the blogger politely decline the highest honour our society can bestow. I laughed out loud….twice.

I would like to tell my story to a larger audience, but would be very suspicious of becoming a five minute segment in some pre-packaged, homogenised banality. If you are a television producer, and would be willing to give me unlimited resources, and complete creative control…..give me a call.

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7 Responses to Hey Warhol, Where’s my 15 minites?

  1. jj says:

    Having not even owned a TV in 15 years, I’d be mighty suspicious, myself 😉

  2. I don’t think you have missed much. My last two rentals came with satellite TV included, and I hate not using any free resource. It has gradually devolved (to us) from information and entertainment to mere background noise. I suppose this has coincided with our getting more and better use of the web. At the end of next month we move out to the homestead and I suspect leave TV behind permanently.

  3. We were actually contacted by a producer about a possible show but as much as it flattered me, I turned them down too. They were looking for a family-based reality show about homesteading and I just couldn’t imagine exposing my little boys to that kind of life and non-privacy. Add to that the fact that we’re completely normal and boring people who don’t have the kind of drama to make a show that society would care about. It seemed a little anathema to the homesteading ideals and goals. 🙂 Now, I’d like to see a show that would highlight what everyday people do to make lifestyle changes that get them closer to homesteading! Those (like me) who don’t have the land yet but still have the heart for it. 🙂 It would be awesome to see the myriad of options without all the drama.

    • Hi Emily, Well I hope I can display as much self-control and judgement if some producer offers me the chance to make the Northern Saskatchewan version of “Duck Dynasty”.
      It is probably fair to say that most people, and every one who writes a blog has a story to tell. The worry is that your story could be turned into a tasteless side show if you were to surrender any amount of control. Last month I did a write up for a local photo club, and submitted it with the notation “make any needed changes” thinking that I may have exceeded the length that the newspaper would allow. When the piece was published, I was horrified to find that the club convener had re-written the content by explaining my jokes. “This is funny because….” Now I have to go through the bizarre exercise of demanding creative control over a description of a photo club meeting. Sheesh!

  4. ~MyLa says:

    And that right there, is why blogging is such a fabulous way to tell our stories, what ever they may be! Full creative control! Sorry to hear that your piece was adulterated in such a manner 😦

  5. ~MyLa says:

    And Riley, by the way, is a star! Makes my moment, every time!

  6. Riley is a ham. He has a “Where’s Waldo” knack of wandering into the frame as you are about to take a picture. I just keep hoping that he will get a dog food commercial, and look after his dear old Dad.

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