Come on Spring!


It is cold outside. Well below seasonal averages, I am told. The seventeen different forecasts all predict a significant warming trend with many variations. All of the homesteaders out there are getting fidgety. They are fingering their seed packets and shuffling stacks of paper with drawings, plans and lists. They are consulting and re-consulting the long range and long, long range forecasts.

Their feet are starting to cramp in the starting blocks.

Come on spring!

We are ready.

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2 Responses to Come on Spring!

  1. ~MyLa says:

    Beautiful photo, is this the old shed?

    • Yes this is the old shed. There was some serendipity to this. The property was sold as unimproved, non-producing farmland, no buildings were declared and they were so completely buried in the bush (the site was abandoned for twenty years) that the realtor may have been unaware. The old shed is too far deteriorated to consider restoring, but provides temporary work and storage space. Along with the “tiny house” this is our base while we develop the permanent homestead on a site about 400 feet west of the old yard site.

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