Wood Heat

Woodstove - Copy

Wood heat! I would assert that no other method of warming your home through the winter, has the same almost primal appeal of a fireplace or woodstove. Aside from the pleasant sensation of a heat that seems to penetrate to your bones, a wood fire engages the other senses in a way that promotes a feeling of security. I will resist the urge to prattle on about the anthropological explanations, and just say that petrochemicals coming through a pipe will keep you from freezing to death (as long as you can afford to pay the bill, and as long as the supply is not interrupted by political or corporate machinations), but only a wood fire can give your hearth and home that extra level of warmth that is derived from the independence peculiar to that form of heating. Granted, it is not the most convenient way to go, but the required effort and exercise prevents my behind and my easy chair from forming an unhealthy familiararity.

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3 Responses to Wood Heat

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    I agree. It’s a money-saver and can be so therapeutic!

  2. muddome says:

    I totally agree! This is our first winter with wood heat and we love it.

  3. Sherry Beebe says:

    The heat is very nice. I feed two stoves and that sure does fill my day just feeding them. Lots of clean up. They are like having two toddlers, they need lots of attention:)

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