E the Pyro

Addition Burning

One of the remnants of the old homestead was a structure that was probably an addition for a mobile home. The roof was gone and the condition of the remaining structure was so bad that it seemed to rule out even the temporary use that we are putting some of the other buildings to. A further consideration was that we found it was directly blocking the best route for a driveway connecting the old workshop and the cabin building site. Because of the lack of salvageable materiel we decided to burn it where it stood. E was very exited about this project, and I have been teasing her about hiding the matches ever since. Getting a rotten old shack full of snow to burn is not all that easy, but after a couple hours of coaxing the fire caught hold. The residue will have to be carefully sifted for nails and other metal, but it is another step toward getting our infrastructure established.

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