2014 Plans and Progress


This morning it was -32c outside. Today will be a day to putter in the basement and enjoy the smell of ham drifting down the stairs. When I consider our progress so far in achieving the way of living we have chosen, it would be easy to ask why it took so long, and it was so difficult to get to this point. If you ask that kind of question, you must also think about the fact that it could have taken a lot longer or even that we could have failed to reach this level at all. In 2014 we will have the chance to convert all of the plans, hopes and preparations into the first tangible results on our quest. When the cabin is closed in and insulated, when adequate provision has been made for supplies of water, heat, food, and other necessary basics, when the first fire is lit in the woodstove of our new home, a threshold will have been crossed. Although there will still be a vast amount of work to do, it might be fair to say that from that day on, the homestead will be standing on its own feet. I think I will put off popping the cork on the champagne until that day.

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4 Responses to 2014 Plans and Progress

  1. Keith says:

    Happy New Year,
    Riley looks proud of his new skills at the computer. I hear Jack Russels are great hunters. Has he used any of his hunting prowess in keeping the winter food supply assured. Even a mouse?
    I am sure you are waiting patiently for the spring thaw.
    If you get feeling sorry for yourself during this severe winter of your discontent just remember the much worse plight of others. Tomorrow I take a friend in to the hospital where in all probability they will amputate his left leg. That kind of reality always makes me seem so lucky.
    Give Riley a pat on the head.


  2. Keith says:

    HI Mark,
    Think further ahead -in the next 5years that most people will have spent on the smart phone and watching TV you will have firmly established a unique domicile and a life style that is your dream. Not one person in a hundred will be able to say that.
    I do have a question. You mentioned the – 32 weather. Do you even for a moment question, as your derriere and other related parts are freezing off, your faith in global warming? Just wondering.

    Oh yah, I did find it ironic that those folks who were in the Antarctic for the purpose of studying global warming got stuck solid in the ice and I guess would have froze to death had not a Chinese helicopter spewing tons of pollutants and burning barrels of fuel come to their rescue. The debate never ends.

    Happy New Year,



      Hi Keith,

      I appreciate your concern for my derriere, but the onset of climate change has not eliminated any of the seasons. The one that has the cold temperatures is called “winter”. The severity of weather events (even winter weather events) may be even more evidence of the degree that the climate has been altered. 2013 was the warmest year on record even with January and December averaged in. The concentration of carbon in the atmosphere is at an 800,000 year high. The motives of the shrinking ranks of people in climate change denial are clear; MONEY! What ulterior motive would you care to ascribe to the growing number of people who have examined the evidence and are prepared to make the necessary changes even though they know it will mean higher taxes and energy costs? It is true that the worst effects of this legacy of human greed and short sightedness may not be fully felt until you and I are in the bone yard (or in my case, the compost heap) but my greater concern is for my grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

      Wait a minute, I don’t have any grandchildren! I take it all back, Go ahead, trash the planet……just give me cheap gas.

      All the Best, Mark.

  3. Sherry Beebe says:

    Hope you are able to Stay warm! You sure have had some severe temps. We have been
    fortunate to this point. We are forecasted for “A Wind Event ” They seem to name
    everything these days. Going to nail everything down today and throw away my hats, this
    is not “Hat Country”:) Looking forward to seeing your new projects. I can already see so
    many changes.
    Sister Sher

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