Happy Holidays

Autumn Homestead
First I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I hope everyone reading this spends more time this holiday season with family and friends and less time in the mall. We stayed in Christmas Day, ate too much, we went for a walk, it got cold and I ended up carrying the dog home stuffed in my jacket like some ridiculous papoose. Our gifts to each other this year were practical. I suppose it is a way for us to keep Christmas at a time that all of our resources are required for the task of building the homestead. We are looking forward to growing friendships with the people in our new community, and staying in touch with family and friends scattered through North America and beyond.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Mark, Elaine and Riley (woof!)

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3 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. Keith Tall says:

    Hi Mark et al, It cheered my heart to hear about you putting Riley inside your coat to keep him warm. He is after all being held against his will in the equivalent of a Siberian gulag. Free Riley. Free Riley. I’ve golfed three time in the last couple of day. I have an idea – fly out of Saskatoon to California -I’ll pick you up at the Palm Springs airport and you can go back to Hudson Bay when it’s warm like February. Just thinking. Keith

  2. ~MyLa says:

    Massive smile and a real LOL moment when I read about the ‘ridiculous papoose.’ Such a pleasure to read of your adventures here!

  3. Thank you Marcela, Your input is a real boost to the spirit.

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