The First Snow

The first snow has arrived. It complicates the work I am trying to do at this time and reminds me of the looming deadline for the completion of the cabin. We have neither the resources or the inclination to retreat to a rental in town. The cabin must be ready for some degree of comfortable occupation by the first snow in 2014.
There is a mountain of work between that place and this one. The minimum acceptable standard of shelter, heat, water supply, Storage space and electricity has been set by my life partner E. Although I could probably manage with a bit less, I have nothing against a modest level of comfort. At any rate knowing what will be required for our first winter on the land makes it very simple. What must be done, will be done.
Making the best use of my time this winter will be critical to our chances of watching the first snow of 2014 from a cozy home of our own, with our freshly washed bums absorbing the heat from the woodstove to fortify us against the next unscheduled sprint to the outhouse.

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5 Responses to The First Snow

  1. Keith Tall says:

    This outhouse you refer to  could that be what we here in England speak of as the guest cottage?   Sir William

  2. Well the main floor would be fine as extra accommodation, but I wouldn’t recommend the basement.

    • Keith says:

      Hi Mark and Elaine,
      I assume the weather has had you holed up for awhile. What are your days made up of?
      I assume there is a coffee house of some sort in town where the locals gather to yak.
      Tomorrow will be 12 F if my weatherman has it right. That should seem balmy after the last few weeks.
      Tomorrow we go to Brian’s house for Xmas. Should be a dozen or so gathered. Laura and her kin are in Washington state and Christine is with friends in Walla Walla.
      I imagine it’s just the three of you there in H.B.
      Hope you get the e-mail up and running.

      Merry Xmas
      Keith and Marilyn

  3. ~MyLa says:

    are there scheduled sprints to the outhouse? Fabulously beautiful, the photo, by the way! I am more in awe, the further I read…

  4. No real schedule for winter visits to the outhouse. Sprinting, (or more accurately hopping) is the result of procrastination. The real shame is that my time spent reading (and composing poetry) is cut down during the winter.

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