Racing the Snow

Burning (1024x683)

We have been working flat out to take advantage of a bit of good weather that is preceding the serious arrival of winter. Top priority is anything that will help me stay productive once the snow starts getting deep. We have to be in the cabin and ready for winter 2014 in less than a year and the clock is running.

Both Chicken Coops have been crudely repaired and will provide some function. The small one is now a woodshed and the larger one will be used for general storage. The playhouse still needs to be cleaned out and repaired before it can be used for storage (and perhaps a few tea parties).

With the calendar page turned to November we are now allowed to burn in the open. Fire is a great purifier, and we are making the most of this opportunity to clear away piles of brush and the other unwanted remnants of past homesteads. We have arranged with a local company to start removing the scrap vehicles next weekend.

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