The Short Way Around

October 2013 015

We are almost settled into the winter rental. Moving and settling in was a lot of work, but it was a familiar process. The rental is roomy and comfortable, and has a basement for extra storage. I am going through the stuff already at the homestead to see what can be stowed in the rental basement for the winter.
My priority at the homestead has been cutting back the bush for workspace and trails for access. The work I did in camp during moving provided access through a neighbours’ property and just about enough room to turn around in front of the old shed. Now I need expanded room to work and access to the cabin building site.
I made a preliminary choice for a cabin site using the satellite photo. I was looking for an area that was already largely clear, but well sheltered with mature trees to the south and west. The tall aspens would keep the cabin cooler in the summer, but without leaves, the winter sun could still penetrate. The ideal spot would also be clear or fairly easy to clear to the east for maximum light at sunrise. Decent drainage and reasonably easy access to a road were also criteria. Two spots on the map seemed suitable. There was a very nice site near the west end of the property, but it was too far from the old shed to be very practical. This site may well work for the later West Homestead. The site we have settled on is about 400 feet northwest of the old shed, and about 300 feet from the road that borders the north edge of the property.
Having settled on the cabin site, I set out bravely to cut a trail by the most direct route from the old shed to the cabin site. After sweating through the bush with the chainsaw for about an hour, I discovered what appeared to be an old overgrown trail that returned to the old shed by a different route. I set my saw down and followed it. It linked up with the driveway I had cut in from the east. A half day later with the chainsaw and grooming mower and I had a rough but viable trail to the cabin building site. It is a roundabout route measuring about 650 feet from the old shed to the cabin building site, but was done about a week quicker than the direct route through the thick bush would have taken.
Another priority has been to clear more workspace around the old shop. We both worked diligently removing a particularly stubborn area of willow, tall grass, weeds, aspen, maple and so on. After several days work we had liberated mabey a thousand square feet with many stumps yet to deal with. On a break we wandered around and discovered an area to the west of the old shed that looked much easier to clear. A lot of garbage had to be cleared away and a few aspens had to be cut down, but once I got the tractor into the spot the work went smoothly. Now I can move a stack of rough cut timber out of the old shed. There seems to be nails to remove from most of them. The forecast for today is sunny and 11c, so I will set up my sawhorses in the sun and put the radio on. I will pull all the old nails and drop them in an old paint can. Bliss.

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2 Responses to The Short Way Around

  1. ~MyLa says:

    “Bliss,’ made me smile so big! Such a grand undertaking, such tremendous dedication to the plan, and with such apparent joy! Bliss to read!

  2. It seems like your life is on the right track when bliss is unforced and connected to the mundane.

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