The Llamma Ranch: My First Off Grid Homestead

Llamma Ranch Detail
In 2001-2002 I bartered the use of some space on three acres of farmland in the Fraser Valley. Although I had to share the space with four llammas, they were good roomates so we got on fine. I lived in a converted Snap-On tool truck, I had a twenty foot shipping container rigged out as a workshop and additional soft top storage.
Electricity was generated on site with two 75watt solar panels, a 400watt wind generator and a gas powered generator to back up those sources. The power was stored in four T-85 storage batteries, and fed back through a 1500 watt inverter. Heat was provided by small RV style furnaces in the Motorhome and shop. Water was hauled in and black waste was hauled out.
It was my first experiment with off grid living, and was if nothing else, educational. The setup was not all that comfortable and was even less efficient. Still, it encouraged me to think that much better was possible. It was a kind of 18 month workshop on the practical problems of off-grid living.

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