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The Ghoststead: A Bonus in the Bush

When we bought the land for our homestead, the realtor indicated that there were no improvements of any kind, just bush with a small clearing of about five acres near the west end of the property. When I examined the … Continue reading

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A Modest Begining

In August 2012, we visited the property for the first time. We pitched a tent in the clearing near the west end and spent a wonderful week getting a feel for the place and feeding the mosquitoes. There is no … Continue reading

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The Llamma Ranch: My First Off Grid Homestead

In 2001-2002 I bartered the use of some space on three acres of farmland in the Fraser Valley. Although I had to share the space with four llammas, they were good roomates so we got on fine. I lived in … Continue reading

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Why a Self Sufficient Homestead?

Try to picture this scene. It is morning; you are sitting in your favorite chair. From your window you look out over your land, and you marvel at the beauty of the first hard frost lit up by the rising … Continue reading

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